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The CSUMB Oral History and Community Memory Archive (OHCMA) promotes field oriented, project-based, archival and multimedia opportunities in oral history. Its goal is to encourage an integration of teaching, research, and ethical collaboration that involves students, faculty and community. The OHCMA promotes oral history projects that build understanding of the Central Coast's multicultural past, present and future. Projects are generated in collaboration with community interests and needs, and investigation results are returned to the communities and individuals involved, in ethical and collaborative ways. As a public research repository, the Archive welcomes use by students, scholars, and interested community members.


Every year, students and faculty in the Oral History and Community Memory course (HCOM 350/350S), design, conduct and archive oral histories focused on a particular community project. For example, in connection with the Chinatown Renewal Project and the future Salinas Chinatown Cultural Center and Museum, more than 100 video interviews have been recorded on memories of Chinatown in the Chinese, Japanese, Filipino, and Mexicano communities. In 2012, a small pilot project was initiated on early memories of Salinas Old Town between the two wars. From 1998-2000, close to 100 interviews were conducted on First Generation College Students at CSUMB. (For more information on these projects visit the links in the column to the right). 

More than 300 audio and video interviews have been gathered to date, comprising 10 collections:

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  • Chinatown Renewal Project
  • Salinas Old Town between the Two Wars 
  • First Generation College Students
  • CSUMB Tenth Anniversary
  • CSUMB Student Leaders
  • CSUMB History
  • Monterey Bay Ethnic History
  • Fort Ord Conversion 
  • Veterans of Fort Ord
  • Chicano Veterans of Fort Ord


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