The Journalism and Media Studies concentration offers theoretical and professional approaches to the development of skills associated with mass communication practices, including print, electronic and digital mass media.

Through this concentration, students have the opportunity to focus on the following:

  • Effective media criticism
  • The development of writing, editing and reporting skills
  • Ethical reflection on media production and practices
  • The integration of new electronic and digital technologies into mass communication practices
  • Current trends in mass communication, such as globalization, concentration of ownership and fragmentation of audiences
  • Issues associated with free and responsible speech.


  • GE areas A1 and A2


Complete three of the following:

  • HCOM 307 or 307S: Social Impact of the Mass Media
  • HCOM 310: Free Speech and Responsibility
  • HCOM 315: Media for Social Change
  • HCOM 316: Media Ethics
  • HCOM 334: Fiction/Creative Non-fiction Writing Workshop
  • HCOM 352: History According to the Movies
  • HCOM 384: News Writing
  • HCOM 385: Reporting
  • HCOM 387: Digital Magazine Workshop
  • HCOM 388: Investigative Reporting
  • HCOM 389: Otter Realm Workshop

Upon prior consent of instructor:

  • HCOM 390: Magazine Writing
  • HCOM 406: Philosophy According to the Movies
  • HCOM 486: Mass Media Internship
  • HCOM 487S: Community Media Project- Service Learning
  • HCOM 489: Otter Realm Production

Advisor: Estella Porras