The Africana Studies concentration provides students with scholarly knowledge about Africa and its diaspora, its diverse cultures and peoples, and their changing relationship, past and present, to the modern world. It examines the processes of race, gender, power and culture operating within and upon Black communities globally. This concentration produces not only scholars, but also informed and productive citizens who are prepared for success in a wide variety of careers in local, national, and international settings.

Concentration Learning Outcomes

The HCOM Africana Studies Concentration prepares students by enabling them to fulfill the following outcomes:

Outcome One: Identify and analyze the key events, processes and figures which have played and continue to play a role in shaping the experiences of African, African-American and African diaspora communities.

Outcome Two: Interpret the relationship among social, cultural, and political processes in African, African-American, and African diaspora communities.
3. Analyze the historical and contemporary experiences of African, African-American and African diaspora communities within a global and transnational framework.


There are no prerequisites for the concentration.


Students wishing to complete the concentration will choose three courses (12 units) from the following list of approved courses:

  • HCOM 324 - African American Narratives
  • HCOM 346 - African American Life and History
  • HCOM 443 - Black Feminist Theory and Praxis
  • HCOM 445- Slavery and Race in the Americas

Advisor: Umi Vaughan